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Cosmetic Dental Bonding FAQ

Cosmetic Dental Bonding FAQ Cosmetic Dentistry Aptos If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, and are nervous about extensive dental procedures, cosmetic tooth bonding may be the perfect solution to get you the attractive, well-balanced smile you’ve always wanted. Repairing chipped teeth, small cracks, uneven spacing, and other cosmetic dental problems can be simple and affordable […]

Invisalign Travel Trips

Invisalign Travel Trips Invisalign Aptos   Toothbrush ✓ Travel Pillow ✓ Sunblock ✓ Invisalign Aligners ✓ Aptos dentists Dr. Jason Drew and Dr. Allyson Drew are here to remind you of some simple steps to keep your Invisalign treatment plan on track during your next big trip. Don’t let a vacation sidetrack your progress; traveling […]

March into Spring with a Smile!

March into Spring with a Smile! Cosmetic Dentistry Aptos Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some spring cleaning! And just like your home, your smile could use a refresh this season! Aptos cosmetic dentists Dr. Jason Drew and Dr. Allyson Drew want to help make sure your smile stays just as bright while […]

Nail Biting can Fracture Teeth

Are you a nail biter? Do you bite off your sewing thread like this patient does? These traumas add up against the cutting surface of your front teeth. As a result, chipping and fracturing of your thin tooth enamel occurs. This is shown in the bottom photo. Drs Drew restored this already beautiful smile with […]

Porcelain Veneers: FAQ

Porcelain Veneers: FAQ Cosmetic Veneers Aptos   Would you believe that veneers have been around since the 1920s?! They debuted in Hollywood, no surprise, but porcelain veneers have come a long way from the red carpet and are surprisingly more common and more natural looking today than you might suspect.   Between the 1920s and […]

How to Care for Your Teeth After Invisalign

How to Care for Your Teeth After Invisalign Invisalign Aptos     Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication to your smile! You’ve gone through Invisalign treatments to get the smile you’ve always wanted, and you’ve cared for your teeth with an oral routine that has worked for you; you might already suspect that […]

Dental Implants: Don’t Let Tooth Loss Ruin Your Holiday

Dental Implants: Don’t Let Tooth Loss Ruin Your Holiday Dental Implants Aptos   If you have missing teeth, you know that while friends and family are looking forward to holiday gatherings, you’re dreading the thought of looking back on more holiday memories without the smile you really want to show.   With dental implants by […]

Are Silver Fillings Safe?

Are Silver Fillings Safe? Restorative Dentistry Aptos Over the last several years, people have talked amongst themselves about the benefits and the dangers of dental fillings: the facts are in, and studies show you likely have nothing to fear, regardless of what material your fillings are made from! For over 150 years, millions of dental […]

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Aptos, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel What is your confidence worth? At Drew Dental in Aptos, CA, we believe that there is no better time than the present to take a step towards the comfort and convenience of a beautiful smile, achievable through specialized and expert crafted dental implants. […]