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Fast, Pain-Free Solea Laser Treatment Aptos

Cavities sterilized and vaporized!
No shots • No tooth drilling

Solea Laser AptosIf you have a cavity or another oral issue that requires treatment, now’s the time to ditch the drill! Solea dental laser treatment is fast, precise, and virtually silent. Plus, Solea laser treatment doesn’t require anesthesia for the vast majority of procedures, so there’s no need for worry. You’ll love the fact that you appointment is fast and pain-free.

The Best Patient Experience

Do you cringe when you hear any sound remotely similar to a dentist’s drill?

At Drew Dental your experience is our highest priority, and it begins the minute you schedule your appointment. Our goal is to remove any anxiety you feel toward your dental visit so we can work with you to ensure your best oral health.

The Solea dental laser offers a quiet, vibration-free dental treatment that rarely requires the use of anesthesia or a drill for the vast majority of people. You no longer have to dread your appointment because Solea technology removes any anxiety or pain you associate with traditional procedures. Not only will you be more comfortable, but the procedure will be completed more quickly by eliminating the need for anesthesia injections and the required wait-time for them to take effect. And if you or your child has multiple cavities, we are able to take care of those all at once without additional appointments.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Solea Laser Aptos performs entirely differently than any laser before. The isotopic CO2 laser vaporizes enamel, allowing Aptos Dentists Drs. Allyson and Jason Drew to work anywhere within your mouth, no matter the surface. The laser operates at a unique wavelength that enables high-speed, precision treatment on both hard and soft tissue, with little to no bleeding and faster healing!

Precise Control for a Speedy Procedure

The computer-aided, variable speed foot pedal of the Solea laser gives Aptos Dentists Drs. Allyson and Jason Drew a level of control that isn’t available from any other laser technology. Your procedure can go from start to finish without the need to stop and change settings as in traditional treatment using a drill. The results? A high-precision laser with the ability to fire up to 10,000 pulses per second. Solea’s unique wavelength operates significantly faster and quieter without the need for anesthesia in almost all patient procedures, meaning you get a high-quality, stress-free dental experience while spending less time in the exam chair.

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