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Drew Dental Patient Testimonial
Aptos Dentist Jason Drew DDS

This patient interviewed Drew Dental two years ago to help enhance her smile. We believe that a comprehensive diagnosis and the use of cutting edge technology help our patients achieve their optimal health and a beautiful smile. Our patient could not believe these were her new teeth!

We identified a bite issue related to the patient’s jaw size and airway.

This patient took our recommendation to do:

1. Invisalign orthodontics to create more space.

Then in One Single Visit, we accomplished:

2. With our Solea Dental Laser, we removed the old bonding – no shots, no anesthetic, no pain!

3. The patient then did our in-office Zoom laser tooth whitening.

4. We finished with conservative composite bonding of the front teeth.

5. With our Cerec Primescan, we digitally scanned her new smile to make retainers, bleach trays, and a nightguard.
No goopy, messy impressions!