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Sedation Dentistry Aptos

Aptos Dentist

Sedation Dentistry Aptos

Many patients fear dental visits; it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew and the entire compassionate staff at Drew Dental, understand your anxiety and know how to effectively relieve it. In addition to being patient communicators, everyone at Drew Dental is trained in sedation dentistry. Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew use FDA-approved medication to induce a calm, relaxed state. At Drew Dental we can use sedation dentistry to make you comfortable during routine dental checkups, restorative dental procedures, or smile-enhancing cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Oral Conscious Sedation Aptos

Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew use oral sedation dentistry, or “conscious sedation,” to relax you during your dental appointment. This mild sedative is delivered in a pill, which you take shortly before your dental treatment at Drew Dental. Under oral sedation, you may actually remain conscious, awake, and responsive, though in an extremely relaxed and comfortable state. Our conscious sedation dental patients feel no anxiety while in the dental chair. Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew use conscious sedation medication that is clinically tested, safe, and FDA-approved to eliminate your dental anxiety.

Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

If you have extreme dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is a great alternative to avoiding the dentist until small problems become large and require extensive treatment. With sedation dentistry, Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew can regularly clean your teeth, quickly fix your smile with tooth-colored dental fillings or dental crowns, or complete larger cosmetic or restorative procedures, without you feeling nervous. If your fear of the dentist has kept you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted, sedation dentistry with Aptos sedation dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew is an easy, stress-free solution to a winning smile and all the confidence that comes with it. At Drew Dental, we can often complete multiple dental procedures in one sedation dentistry visit, and you’ll feel no needle, experience no gag reflex, and have no fear of your dental treatment.

Learn more about sedation dentistry when you visit Drew Dental. Call Aptos dentists Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew at 831-688-6060 to schedule a consultation today!

Dr Jason Drew Aptos Dentist

Jason Drew

Aptos Dentist

Dr. Jason Drew is distinguished as one of America’s Top Dentists 5 years running and voted one of California’s favorite dentists. He uses the latest technology and techniques to make dentistry gentle, easy, and even fun. His passion is creating beautiful smiles, and he is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to smile design.

Dr Allyson Drew Aptos Dentist

Alyson Drew

Aptos Dentist

Dr. Allyson Drew is a leader and educator in dentistry. She is an adjunct professor of the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco where she teaches restorative dentistry. As a student researcher, her work to improve access to oral health care earned her academic distinction and an award for…