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Tooth Snack Guide

Dental Tips Aptos

Three Prevention Principles

1. Eat every 2 to 3 hours. Not every 20 minutes. 

2. Eat “tooth friendly” foods. Use the analogy: fresh fruit is better than dried fruit for teeth. Fresh bread is better than dried bread (crackers) for teeth. Crackers are incredibly sticky but nobody knows it until it’s too late. Eat toast instead.

3.  If you focus on diet, then brushing can be for bacteria, not for food.  There is nothing to brush after eating an apple!

Important Prevention Tips
• Always try to have a sip of water after every meal or snack
• Have 4 to 6 organized mini meals a day with only water in between
• Disorganize eating or drinking will cause cavities even with healthy foods
• Only have water after the nighttime brushing
• Fluoride application at your dentist every six months can also help reduce cavities by 20 to 30%
• Get vitamin D!

If you have a child, help brush their teeth daily until they are six or seven years old. Brush for 20 seconds since you are focusing on tooth friendly diet now.  Floss teeth if they are touching for additional protection. Schedule an infant screening exam with your dentist at age one or first tooth, whichever comes first. Never leave a bottle in bed with baby (unless it’s water)