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Mouth Breathing and Low Tongue Posture

Mouth Breathing and Low Tongue Posture Mouth breathing and low tongue posture (tongue sits in your lower jaw) are the beginning habits to sub-optimal eating, drinking, facial development, teeth alignment, breathing and sleep. If you’d like to take a deep dive into how breathing affects your overall health, especially the development of your facial bones, […]

Sleep Surgery Virtual Webinar

Drs Drew attended a virtual course with the leading ENT and orthodontists from the USA, Singapore,  Brazil, Hong Kong, and Egypt last night. Dr. Sorough  Zaghi, ENT, Sleep Surgeon and founder of really drove home how posterior tongue tie is one cause of mouth breathing and underdevelopment of the midface. See the image to […]

The Neurological Consequences of a Misfit Mouth on Sleep

The Neurological Consequences of a Misfit Mouth on Sleep How breathing affects our children’s sleep and how many pediatricians and orthodontist miss the root cause. Dr. Simmons discusses the critical need for earlier detection of dental problems to mitigate future health challenges. He explains why people’s mouths hold the secret to good sleep. He connects […]

Our Skulls Are Out-Evolving Us

Sleep Apnea Aptos

“Skeletal remains show that just 300 years ago, humans commonly displayed straight, perfectly aligned teeth, wide jaws, flat palates and the large nasal passages that signal habitual, healthy breathing.” “Science suggests that crooked teeth, overbites, narrow jaws, and crimped nasal airways are a modern phenomenon.” Drs Drew are airway centric dentists and offer treatment options […]