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How to Tell if You Have Dental Cavities

How to Tell if You Have Dental Cavities Preventative Dentistry Aptos   Wondering if you could have a cavity? If you’ve never had a cavity before, or if it’s been awhile since you have, it can be difficult to know for sure. The best way to ensure your mouth is in top shape is to […]

Summer Survival Guide

Summer Survival Guide Preventative Dentistry Aptos   Summertime, and the living’s easy! Just make sure that easy living doesn’t compromise your dental health. Here are a few things to keep in mind when keeping yourself happy and healthy this summer season:   Chlorinated pool water is acidic, and believe it or not, can actually damage […]

Complete Guide to Oral Health

Complete Guide to Oral Health Oral Health Aptos   Springtime means the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing, and life often starts to get-up-and-go for many people! If you’re wondering how to keep up on your oral health this spring, Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew suggest these tips and tricks for optimum oral […]

Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check-Ups General Dentistry Aptos   When most people look at their calendar for the year, they don’t often note how many times they’ll be visiting the dentist as a part of their regular check-up routine. The problem that occurs from this general pattern is that often, when people do visit their general dentist, it’s […]

What Your Teeth Say About Your Overall Health

What Your Teeth Say About Your Overall Health General Health and Wellness Aptos     Taking care of your teeth does more for you than just keep your smile shining; oral health can help you prevent medical diseases far beyond tooth decay, and the condition of your teeth is often a telling sign of certain […]

Go Green this Spring

Go Green This Spring General Dentistry Aptos   There are plenty of ways to show your enthusiasm for the spring season and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without ruining your teeth this holiday! Consider a few new ways to celebrate with friends and family this year.       Green Your Mealtime Without Greening Your Smile […]

If Your Teeth Could Talk

If Your Teeth Could Talk Aptos

The Mouth Offers Clues to Disorders and Disease; Dentists Could Play Larger Role in Patient Care Read the Full Article on The Wall Street Journal The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the mouth provides an even better view of the body as a whole. Some of the earliest signs of diabetes, […]

The Tooth Decay Process Aptos: How to Reverse It and Avoid a Cavity

Aptos The Tooth Decay Process

Information for Parents of School-Age Children You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in a tooth. But did you know that a cavity is the result of the tooth decay process that happens over time? Did you know that you can interrupt and even reverse this process to avoid a cavity? This […]