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Could You Have Gum Disease?

Could You Have Gum Disease? Oral Hygiene Aptos Bad breath, aching jaw, painful chewing, and swollen gums — sound familiar? It might surprise you to learn that hundreds of Americans suffer from gum disease, or periodontal disease, and if these painful symptoms remind you of your daily life, you may be one of those hundred. Addressing […]

The Why, When, How and Where of Tongue Scraping

The Why, When, How and Where of Tongue Scraping Imagine it’s still winter … you’re standing at the door, ready to brave the cold. You’re layered-up with three shirts and a sweatshirt, your heavy winter coat, and two layers of socks underneath your waterproof winter boots. Then you’ve got those awesome jeans with the flannel […]

Whoopi Goldberg talks about Gum Disease – It can kill you!

Whoopi Goldberg speaks out about her battle with gum disease. Saliva is a communicable vector to spread the disease. Gum disease is linked to dementia, heart disease, stroke, preterm birth and fertility problems, rheumatoid arthritis, fatal CHD, organ transplant failure, pneumonia, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Cancer! What is Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)? Gum […]