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Sugar!  This helps explain why cavities are more prevalent in our modern-day, industrialized civilizations.

• More sugar also means softer foods.
• Soft foods mean you don’t chew as much.
• When kids don’t chew they don’t get the benefit of optimal jaw growth.
• Without nice wide jaws, our teeth don’t have space to fit in them and we get tooth crowding.  #dietmatters
• smaller jaws also mean a smaller area to breathe thru

Repost @sugarproofkids: In 1750, during the American colonial period, the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year, or about 1 teaspoon a day. By 2000, the average person was consuming 150 pounds of sugar per year or about 45 teaspoons per day. In our book Sugarproof, we talk about the effects the sugar-laden environment we live in has had on our lives and our children’s, and how to raise kids who can self-regulate sugar intake and enjoy good food and good health.

If you need help weaning your kids off sugar, follow @plantbasedpediatrician, a local pediatrician dedicated to a healthy eating lifestyle.