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Mouth Breathing and Low Tongue Posture

Mouth breathing and low tongue posture (tongue sits in your lower jaw) are the beginning habits to sub-optimal eating, drinking, facial development, teeth alignment, breathing and sleep.

If you’d like to take a deep dive into how breathing affects your overall health, especially the development of your facial bones, jaws and teeth, there are many great books. BREATHE BY JAMES NESTOR is a good starting point.

For an adult:
• suction your tongue to the roof of your mouth
• close your lips
• breathe through your nose
• stand up straight and relax your shoulders
• breathe into your belly and not your chest

For babies:
• Use one finger to gently close the mouth
• push up, under the chin in the fatty area
• repeat as needed to keep the mouth closed
• if your child is unable to keep their lips sealed and tongue suctioned to the roof of the mouth, call our office 831-688-6060

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