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Give Yourself the Gift of Good Oral Health this Holiday

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You’ve probably written to Santa a time or two this holiday season to convince him that you should be on his Nice List this year, but would your dentist agree? It’s not always easy to stay away from sweets during the holidays, and some people might find it difficult to schedule time for tooth-brushing with all the gifts to be wrapped and the holiday cheer to be spread, but there are a few things you can do to give yourself the gift of a healthy smile all season long!


Be Smart with your Sweets

Just like any time of the year, holiday sugars in candy and cookies help plaque and cavity-causing bacteria destroy the enamel in your mouth. When you indulge this holiday, try and eat sweets along with your other meals, rather than snacking throughout the day, to minimize the time period acid is allowed to develop in your mouth. If you’re hosting a holiday party, or if you’re asked to bring a dish along to a family get-together, opt for healthier options like veggie trays or cheese boards rather than chocolates or gingerbread snacks.


Keep Yourself in a Routine

Don’t let the stress of the holidays break you from your good habits! If you have a regular brushing and flossing schedule down before the chaos of December and the New Year strikes, you should be in good shape to maintain a healthy smile all winter long. Keeping time to calm and collect yourself is important, especially during times of high stress, and you should make sure you have time to unwind at the end of every day to avoid picking up negative habits, like teeth grinding or stress-snacking, due to holiday overload. If you find yourself getting stressed out with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, consider talking to either Dr. Jason Drew or Dr. Allyson Drew about a custom night guard to keep you from grinding your teeth.


Most Importantly, Don’t Forget About your Dentist!

The holidays can be a very busy time, but make sure you’re not too busy to keep up on your regular visits to Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew. The best gift you can give to the whole team at Drew Dental is an oral exam and cleaning appointment just in time to ring in the New Year.
Good oral health is the gift that you can give yourself this holiday. Call 831-688-6060 today to schedule an appointment with Drs. Jason and Allyson Drew, so they don’t have to call Santa while he’s checking his list a second time.