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Eat your way to a healthier smile.

Eating food is more fun than going to the dentist so please read this:

Omegas are shown to decrease periodontal disease: “ To date, the treatment of periodontitis has primarily involved mechanical cleaning and local antibiotic application. Thus, a dietary therapy, if effective, might be a less expensive and safer method for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis.  Given the evidence indicating a role for n-3s in other chronic inflammatory conditions, (27, 34-38) it is possible that treating periodontitis with n-3s could have the added benefit of preventing other chronic diseases associated with inflammation, including ischemic cerebrovascular disease,(39) as well.”

Drs Drew use a baby food dispenser  from @munchkininc to keep a variety of Omega seeds ready to dispense.  It’s an easy way for kids to sprinkle healthy toppings on their food too!