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Since moving to the Santa Cruz area, Dr. Allyson Drew and Dr. Jason Drew have stayed true to their roots and actively seek out areas in the community that they can support. At Dientes Community Dental Clinic, Dr. Allyson donates her dentistry for the underserved a few days per month. During Halloween, they annually host the Veteran’s Candy Buy back where they give $1 for each pound of candy children bring to their office. Kids write cards and on Veterans Day they ship the candy and cards to the troops overseas. Drs. Drew are active with The Aptos Chamber of Commerce, donating to their fundraisers and modeling in their fashion show to raise funds for the Katz Cancer Clinic at Dominican Hospital and Omega Nu. They also donate their dental services to raise funds for the local Santa Cruz County Schools. Most recently, Dr. Allyson reached out to the Sunshine Villa Assisted Living and Memory Care Retirement Home in Santa Cruz, taking her son Hunter to sing and dance with the residents living there. Dr. Allyson Drew is grateful to share with her son, through actions, the gift of giving back!


Dr. Allyson Drew and Dr. Jason Drew come from families that enjoy giving back to the community. Allyson’s mother founded the annual fundraiser for the Stanislaus County Medical Alliance in her hometown, Modesto. Jason’s father is a Fire Service Volunteer in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Just as we were encouraged by our families to pay it forward, we would like to encourage others to reach out as well. Our hope is that we can share a smile with you.


Encouraged by her family, Allyson began volunteering locally at Evergreen Convalescent Home and became a life skills coach for the First Tee Golf Program. In college, she reached out globally and earned a Humanitarian Award for her work in Child and Family Health International providing healthcare screenings for children in Oaxaca, Mexico. In dental school, Allyson’s coordinated a unique dental mission trip to Peru to study and treat tooth decay in rural communities. She organized 40 dental volunteers to work with Rotary International and the University of Cuzco to provide dental care to 600 Quechuan’s who had previously has no access to care. After leading two missions, and establishing a lasting tradition of cooperation between San Francisco and Cuzco Universities, she was awarded a Rotary International Service Award.


Jason began volunteering in the hospital system at Good Samaritan during high school. In dental school, he worked in urban schools to educated elementary students on proper oral hygiene, and healthy diets.


Dr. Allyson and Dr. Jason Drew’s goal for 2015 is to implement an oral hygiene care day in the elementary schools.   We will keep you posted!