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The Baby Safe Feeder

The Baby Safe Feeder

The Baby Safe Feeder Drs. Allyson and Jason Drew • Aptos, CA Chewing solid, hard food as a babies first food is important for the proper growth and development of the facial bones, the jaws, and the airway. If you are a parent like we are, there is always a concern for choking.  We get […]

Fall Foods That are Great For Your Teeth

Fall Foods That are Great For Your Teeth General Dentistry Tips Aptos The holidays are filled with lots of laughter over shared meals with the people you love and with so much to be thankful for this time of year, your oral health should one of them! Here are some delicious fall indulgences that both […]

How Your Dentist Celebrates Halloween

How Your Dentist Celebrates Halloween General Dentistry Aptos   Learn how Aptos dentists Dr. Jason Drew and Dr. Allyson Drew make the idea of a healthy Halloween less scary with these tips – and tricks! Wait Until The Last Minute Our team has no problem celebrating Halloween all month long, but the one thing Aptos […]

Proper Posture While Eating

Aptos Dentists Jason and Allyson Drew

Proper Posture While Eating Aptos Dentist A little mindfulness to our daily routine can go a long way for our overall health. Proper posture while doing activities has a huge impact on the way our jaws form and how we breathe. The goals of proper posture while eating: 1. Help develop the masticatory muscles of […]

Mothers Day Gifts Everyone Will Smile About

Mothers Day Gifts Everyone Will Smile About General Dentistry Aptos This year give mom a gift that shows them how much you love their smile! The Aptos dentists at Drew Dental have a couple suggestions that will promote oral health that they will love. A Reusable Straw A reusable straw is an inexpensive way to […]

Tooth Snack Guide

Tooth Snack Guide Dental Tips Aptos Three Prevention Principles 1. Eat every 2 to 3 hours. Not every 20 minutes.  2. Eat “tooth friendly” foods. Use the analogy: fresh fruit is better than dried fruit for teeth. Fresh bread is better than dried bread (crackers) for teeth. Crackers are incredibly sticky but nobody knows it […]

Super Bowl Snacks and Oral Health

Super Bowl Snacks and Oral Health General Dentistry Aptos A super bowl party is a time gather up your friends and family and watch the game, comment on the crazy commercials, and chow down while watching the halftime performance. Whether you are hosting or attending a party to watch the big game, Aptos dentists Dr. […]

Cavity Preventing Power of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can prevent cavities, reduce inflammation, slow aging, and more! Dark chocolate has the chemical, Theobromine, that strengthens your enamel and fights against cavities. When choosing a treat, your teeth will be healthier if you have a small piece of 70% dark chocolate instead of a pretzel, a cracker, or even dried fruit. Think […]

Let’s talk about inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process within your body. Trauma or an infection inside your body stimulate your immune system responds with inflammation. While inflammation is ok once in a while, chronic inflammation is harmful. Inflammation causes your body to overreact to itself. As a result, the body’s cells begin to destroy its own tissues, often […]