Norwegians Collect Baby Teeth To Study Environmental Influences On Fetal Health

Call it a Norwegian Tooth Bank!  A Tooth Bank that seeks milk teeth from 100,000 children.  The Norwegian Tooth Bank is requesting milk teeth from 100 000 children in Norway and could become the biggest tooth bank in the world.  Milk teeth can give unique information about environmental influences and nutrition in the foetus and in early childhood. […]

5 Surprising Ways You’re Staining Your Teeth

  Drinking Tea, Certain Medications, Eating Berries, Your City’s Water, and some Mouthwashes are just a few.  Read this article to found out more about ingredients that stain teeth day to day.

The Gummy Vitamins Your Kids Love Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

They look like candy, and taste like it too, and that’s exactly why many parents buy gummy vitamins for their kids. Finally, something the kids will gobble down willingly! But if you’ve ever wondered if they’re too good to be true, you’re not alone.   1.  The biggest drawback? Sugar. A serving of gummy vitamins […]

Save Your Lips Aptos – These four SPF-Lip balms tested by Drs. Drew

Save Your Lips Aptos – These four SPF-Lip balms tested by Drs. Drew.  “Lip skin cancer is particularly dangerous because it can spread internally more readily than from other areas of the body,” Dr. Prystowsky cautions. It’s 2015, which means we’re well aware of the inherent dangers of sun exposure and we try our best […]

Dr. Allyson reached out to the Sunshine Villa Assisted Living Retirement Home in Santa Cruz, taking her son Hunter to sing and dance with the residents living there. Dr. Allyson Drew is grateful to share with her son, through actions, the gift of giving back!

Since moving to the Santa Cruz area, Dr. Allyson Drew and Dr. Jason Drew have stayed true to their roots and actively seek out areas in the community that they can support. At Dientes Community Dental Clinic, Dr. Allyson donates her dentistry for the underserved a few days per month. During Halloween, they annually host […]

Soft drinks and Fruit erode teeth

Soft drinks are the most significant factor in severity of dental erosion, according to a new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. Dental erosion is when enamel – the hard, protective coating of the tooth – is worn away by exposure to acid. The erosion of the enamel can result in pain […]