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Super Bowl Snacks and Oral Health

General Dentistry Aptos

A super bowl party is a time gather up your friends and family and watch the game, comment on the crazy commercials, and chow down while watching the halftime performance.

Whether you are hosting or attending a party to watch the big game, Aptos dentists Dr. Jason Drew and Dr. Allyson Drew suggest trying these foods to help maintain your oral health this season.

Cheese helps lower the pH in your mouth, which will neutralize acids caused by consumption of other foods. That means reducing the risk of dental decay while you enjoying appetizer boards… yes please! Additionally, cheese is full of essential nutrients like calcium and protein, so every bite is another step towards optimum dental health.

Aptos dentists Dr. Jason Drew and Dr. Allyson Drew suggest choosing foods with fiber that help scrub away buildup and plaque on your teeth like apples, celery, and carrots. These types of snacks are an easy finger food, great for dipping and full of vitamins unlike greasy chips, or carb defense crackers.

Avoid fried foods and fill up on things like nuts and seeds. Nuts are full of calcium and proteins that strengthen your teeth and benefit your overall health as well.

Choosing these snacks is a great way to keep your Superbowl Sunday healthier, but don’t forget to bring your water bottle! Water aids in keeping your mouth clean by stimulating saliva production, and washing away food debris that can be harmful for tooth enamel.

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